Neil Druckmann Offers a New Look at Ellie's Tattoo and Full Outfit in The Last of Us Part II

December 7, 2016

Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Naughty Dog have offered a new look at the design behind Ellie’s tattoo and outfit in The Last of Us Part II via Twitter.

The tattoo itself depicts a moth resting on two seemingly different branches. There’s no telling as of yet what this could mean, but the picture certainly strikes a nature vibe. If anything else, it’s a great reference for that next tattoo you always wanted.

Alongside this concept, Ellie’s full outfit to be worn in the game was revealed. Adorning her signature converses, her dress style is rugged with no frills, keeping in line with the game’s stark post-apocalyptic setting. The artwork was created by Concept Artist Ashley Swidowski.


Ellie’s tattoo was created by artist Natalie Hall, who also ended up being the hand model for Ellie when she played the guitar in the game’s debut trailer.

It remains to be seen how exactly this tattoo will fit into the overarching theme of The Last of Us Part II, if at all. In the meantime, all fans can do is speculate.

Developer Naughty Dog announced the game at PlayStation Experience 2016 this past weekend, as well as new performance capture tech that will be used in the game and a new theme by Gustavo Santaolalla during a panel afterword. To coincide with the mystery behind the marking, a Part II version of the Outbreak Day poster by Kevin Tong and Mondo was revealed as well.

You can check out the tweets and the images in full resolution below:

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