Late Sunday DealShockers: D&D Games, Company of Heroes and The Witcher 2

Late Sunday DealShockers: D&D Games, Company of Heroes and The Witcher 2

It is a bit later on a Sunday evening, but the sales are still going on.  Steam, Amazon and Good Old Games all have some amazing deals this weekend.  Hit the jump to see the crazy amount of deals this weekend.

To start with, Good Old Games has a sale on all the Dungeons and Dragons games.  That includes a game widely regarded as one of the best RPGs ever made, Planescape Torment.  The nine D&D games are on sale as a pack for 60%, or $34.31.  Individually, eight of the games are $3.99, except for The Temple of Elemental Evil, which will run you $2.39.  I have already picked up Planescape Torment this weekend, and am looking forward to giving it a spin and seeing if it lives up to the hype.  For $4, it will be hard to be disappointed with though.

Before I move on, keep an eye on’s website.  They are rapidly approaching six million game downloads.  The lucky sixth millionth winner will win GoG’s entire catalog for free.  Those of you who don’t win will have the opportunity, for 48 hours, to download Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director’s Cut for free as a thank you.

You also still have time to snag the awesome weekend deals from Steam.  The Sega collection is still on sale through tomorrow morning, featuring a game I really enjoyed, Alpha Protocol, for only $2.00.  There are other games on sale as well from Sega, including their Dreamcast Collection and many, many Sega Genesis games.  The Genesis Collection games are all $0.75 a piece, or $7.49 altogether.  A pretty awesome price if you haven’t already bought Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Steam’s other weekend deal are the impressive Company of Heroes games.  These unique games are awesome, blending World War II action with a Real Time Strategy.  For $9.99, the complete Company of Heroes pack is available, and worth every cent, especially if you are a fan of RTS games.  Individually, the first game is $1.99, while its two expansions are $3.99 apiece.

Finally, is having a sale on The Witcher 2.  While the game is going on sale for $29.99 on the 29th of this month, it is currently on sale for digital download from Amazon for $23.99.  This is a huge deal for one of the most involving and interesting RPGs this decade, so if that is more your taste, then don’t hesitate to snag it.