Latest Borderlands 3 Update Lets You Do Real-World Butt Science

Latest Borderlands 3 Update Lets You Do Real-World Butt Science

"Sort through virtual butt microbes" in the latest Borderlands 3 initiative Borderlands Science. It mixes real-world science with fun video game puzzles.

Borderlands 3 is a lot of things. It’s a fun loot shooter with tons of content. It’s a really weird take on where streamer culture might go in an apocalyptic future. Heck, it’s reportedly a testament that a successful game doesn’t always result in a success for everyone who worked on it. And now, it’s a way for gamers to help with real-life science. Starting today, Borderlands Science is live inside of Sanctuary 3. It’s an arcade game that lets players help real-world scientists map gut microbes by analyzing digital representations of poop. Check it out?

Obviously, the video firmly has its tongue in its cheek. As Mayim Bialik runs you through exactly what you’ll be doing, that trademark Borderlands humor is alive and well. However, what you’re actually doing in Borderlands Science is pretty intriguing. Basically, by solving different tile puzzles you’re able to help scientists identify errors computers made when mapping different gut microbes. What would take those scientists hundreds of hours doing busy work can be accomplished much more quickly using the entire Borderlands player base. Plus, you get some in-game goodies out of your hard work.

As you play Borderlands Science and solve tile puzzles, you’ll unlock in-game currency. This can be used to unlock new Vault Hunter Head and Skins, alongside different timed boosts for stats, loot quality, and experienc.e Obviously, the potential real-life rewards are much greater, but it’s nice to have some in-game benefit as well.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Get in there and start analyzing people’s poo. For science!