Latest Dreams Patch Releases Tomorrow That Focuses on Music

After releasing in February, Media Molecule's Dreams is receiving a new update tomorrow that adds new music, instruments, and more.

October 6, 2020

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, a new update is coming to Media Molecule’s Dreams tomorrow which adds new musical instruments to use, new tracks, and more.

The update will include hundreds of new musical instruments, synths, guitars, and even a church organ to give your levels some spooky vibes. They’ve also added upgrades that help match effects in time with music beats. New music clips have also been added which you can use to help make your own music. Additionally, new music tracks have been added which can also be edited and remixed. Lastly, Media Molecule has added starting points, which are shorter than music tracks and come from other levels like the ones in the story mode.

There’s no exact time of when it’ll launch but Media Molecule will also provide full patch notes when the update goes live. Additionally, the update will include fixes for the VR mode but it’s unknown what will be fixed.

Dreams was released back in February after being in early access since last April. Like Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series, Dreams lets players create whatever they’d like, from full games to short films. PlayStation VR support was added to the game back in July. As Dreams was releasing, Media Molecule confirmed that the game is running on the PlayStation 5 but it isn’t officially coming to the console. Additionally, Media Molecule hopes the game will continue getting support after the PS5’s release.

Between its early access and final release, some amazing creations have come from the game. Back in July, one user remade a portion of Fall Guys using the PlayStation VR mode. Meanwhile, another user started working on a remade version of Halo Infinite inside Dreams.

Dreams is available now on PlayStation 4. The music update will release sometime tomorrow. As more news comes on the future of Dreams, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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