Latest GTA V Update Contains a Few Annoying Bugs, One Renders Cars Invincible

GTA V‘s latest update may have brought forth the goodies with a bunch of new missions and heists to pull of in GTA Online, as well as a few nifty features (read more here,) but it’s arrival hasn’t been the sweet greeting we all hoped for.

Many players are experiencing a few horrible bugs within the single player and online components of GTA V, a few which this writer has had to misfortune of running into several times.

One of the more annoying bugs is the game resetting players’ custom settings to default, ruining the hard work put into those who spend the time to tweak their game to perfection. It’s particularly annoying if you’ve decided to do a play through in the new first-person mode.

To get the most out of playing in the first-person perspective it’s imperative that players tweak the controls and field of view to get the best out of it, something that takes a little bit of time as well as trial and error. Unfortunately GTA V‘s latest update has been resetting the options on each start-up, resulting in many players taking to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook to complain.

There’s no solution as of yet, but a handy tip from me to you would be to take a picture of your settings when you’ve tweaked them to perfection. That way you’ve always got them on hand should the game decide to revert to the defaults when you next boot it up.

The next pesky bug that’s appeared since the update is that car damage is now a little more temperamental than before. Users are reporting that you can take a hammer to your vehicle of choice and beat the ever living days out of it without seeing much in the way of deformity, rendering the car practically invincible. Well, until you show it who’s the boss with a rocket launcher. The main point is that cars no longer mangle up the way they used to and instead just look a little damaged even when they’ve been roughing it up for an hour.

Personally, I’ve only come across this in single player when I took a flying leap off a ramp (still trying to get those stunt jumps,) landed on the cars face and drove away with only a few scratches, whereas before the update I’d have likely exploded the car.

Apparently the bug is also present within GTA Online too, so be on the lookout and if you do notice anything odd, be sure to give Rockstar a tweet or email their support.

Unfortunately these aren’t the only bugs that will need to be squashed by the folks at Rockstar.

Another annoying (but far from game-breaking) bug is the ‘press X to duck’ message when you enter a vehicle. At first it’s a nice reminder to protect your face from flying bullets, but when it pops up every time you enter a vehicle it wears a little thin, especially when it stays their until you abandon your vehicle.

Lastly, the final big gripe that has players pulling their hair out and screaming profanities online is the current state of the game’s online servers. Since the update many have had a hard time getting online to experience the new heists and all the other content added.

While we may have expected this for the first few hours after the update, what with the influx of returning players eager to live out their dreams and rob banks, it’s continued for a bit too long to go unnoticed by the large GTA Online community.

It’s a little disappointing that what players have waited so long for has arrived in such a poor fashion. A couple of teething problems with the online was to be expected, but the new bugs are a pain in the neck. Still, it’s not breaking the game and it’s still playable (when you can get online) so here’s hoping that Rockstar push out a new update soon to get things back in tip-top shape.

[Update] Some people are reporting even more bugs, one of which occurs in the single player and causes players to lose their bought vehicles. Ouch, that’s annoying. Thanks for the heads up on that one BubbaMorris.

Another bug which is affecting online players concerns their online characters. This bug is giving a fair few players a headache by resetting their online characters’ facial features. Thankfully there is a fix being offered by Rockstar.

Rockstar support suggests booting the game up into single player, going across to the “online” tab and selecting the “choose character” and selecting your afflicted character. That’s it. Apparently it’s a simple as that, so if you’re having difficulties then give it a go.

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