Latest Hearthstone Expansion Takes Players to Scholomance Academy

Hearthstone takes players back to their school days with Scholomance Academy. And this time around, you'll be able to grab a fancy double-major.

If there’s one thing Hearthstone is missing in 2020, it has to be its own version of Hogwarts. Fortunately for fans of the card game, that all changes next month when the latest expansion drops. Scholomance Academy takes players to their very own school of witchcraft and warlockery. Included in the new curriculum are several changes that should shake up the meta in fun ways. Give the musical cinematic trailer a watch below to really get into school spirit.

The big addition coming to Hearthstone with Scholomance Academy is the new Dual Class cards. These cards let you more easily mix-and-match your deck among classes, providing for intriguing new combinations. At launch, 10 different class combinations are in play, giving players plenty of diversity in deck-building.

The expansion also introduces a new keyword. Spellburst triggers any time you cast a spell, letting you combo your way to victory. There are also new Studies cards that add their own twist onto gameplay. And this is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. Activision-Blizzard still has plenty of cards to reveal, so there might be some extra nifty combos still in play.

Scholomance Academy is just the beginning of the second phase of Hearthstone‘s Year of the Phoenix. Fans can expect tons of extra content in the coming months, including a new solo experience. Here’s hoping that solo mode takes place in the Academy, as it just seems like too much fun to explore.

Hearthstone is available now on Android, iOS, and PC. The Scholomance Academy expansion drops in early August.

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