Latest Modern Warfare 3 Video Confuses Me

A new trailer was released over the extra long weekend (thanks weird holidays) for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, the next in the yearly update to the popular first person shooter franchise. Featuring an updated roster from the previous NFL Draft…wait…wrong game? No seriously though, this trailer confuses me. I feel like I’m reading a Marvel “What If?” comic and it’s “What if Modern Warfare 2 had a baby with both Battlefield and Homefront at the exact same time?” because that’s exactly what this is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll hide nothing from you. I still play Black Ops. I played Modern Warfare 2 until it’s sequel’s release and the same for each Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare…my friends love the games and for the most part I do to, except for the … less awesome aspects, to put it kindly. But something about this one just gets me thinking. I don’t know.

What say you? Bonerific or a big fat shrug? I’m not entirely sure myself. It’s just…confusing. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

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John Colaw

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