Latest Pokemon Sells 1.5 Million Copies in 2 Days

Latest Pokemon Sells 1.5 Million Copies in 2 Days

I never would have thought that abusing fictional animals on the brink of extinction would be so damn pleasuring to our kids. Poor Pokemon – the poor little bastards are forced to beat each other up for the sheer enjoyment of their captors. The cute looking creatures, even if they are the victor, aren’t given any sort of treat, but stuffed in a little anal bead 20 times smaller than they are that probably causes the worst cramps ever. Does Squirtle get the little dry shrimp that Turtles oh-so love? Nope. Does Charmander get a treat of crickets and mice? Absolutely not. I don’t know what Pikachu eats (maybe whole wheat or fish sticks), so he can go hug a generator for all I care.  Does this fictional world of promoting animal abuse stop parents from catering to their children’s gaming needs? Hell no. In fact, it encourages them even more to turn their little angels to the next Michael Vick’s of the world.

The latest DS installments to Nintendo’s Pokemon series have sold nearly 1.5 million copies within just two days of going on sale in Japan.  According to Famitsu, sales of 1,480,980 were reached for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver in their opening weekend. Retailers have subsequently predicted stock shortages for these titles are more than likely (ya think?).

The titles, for those of you who don’t follow Pokemon as avidly as I do, are DS remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, originally released for the Gameboy Color in 2000. Feeling old? I sure as hell am. Both games feature enhanced graphics and new features such as pedometer support. They are currently scheduled for a spring 2010 release across Europe and North America. If the Japanese took hold of these games like a hobo at a free bread stand, you can imagine what both Europeans and North Americans will do.

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