Latest Pokkén Tournament Patch Version 1.2 Fixes Hit Boxes, Damage and More

on April 14, 2016 1:42 PM

Pokkén Tournament‘s latest patch, Version 1.2, applies a variety of gameplay fixes such as adjustments to damage, hit boxes, combos and various other bug fixes for both fighters and support Pokémon.

The full list of patch notes can be seen just below. You can also check out our review for the title here.

Battle Related Changes

  • Adjusted to ensure Shadow Mewtwo is no longer able to force its opponents to continually block by repeatedly using certain moves.
  • Adjusted Mewtwo’s battle balance.
  • Reduced effect of the Support Pokémon Reshiram for gameplay balance.
  • Repaired several bugs that affected battles.

Pokémon-Specific Changes


  • Repaired an issue that caused Sceptile to pass through the ground when transitioning from Bullet Seed: preparation into Hang.


  • Lowered the hitbox of Confusion to make it possible to evade it by jumping. Made it so combo damage doesn’t increase as easily. Altered the animation of characters hit by Confusion as a Critical Hit during Duel Phase and reduced the amount of hit stun it causes.
  • For jumping attack / midair strong attack / midair weak attack to strong attack follow-up, removed the property that makes this move nullify long-range attacks. Also adjusted it so that when this move is counter attacked, that counter attack will be a Critical Hit.

Shadow Mewtwo

  • Adjusted so that when a side ranged attack is used repeatedly while the hitbox is still on the screen, the hitbox that is already on-screen disappears quickly.
  • Increased the recovery time when Miracle Eye is used in Field Phase.
  • Delayed the timing of when players can transition to Miracle Eye after a ranged attack.
  • Decreased the ease with which follow up ranged attacks that have been altered by Miracle Eye can cause Guard Break.
  • Slowed the start-up of the backward ranged attack and increased its recovery time. Also, adjusted it so when the move is used repeatedly while the hitbox is still on the screen, the one already on-screen disappears quickly.
  • Decreased the block stun time that the backward ranged attack into Miracle Eye move deals to opponents and increased the distance that it pushes opponents back. Also changed it so that the first hit causes a Phase Shift.

Pikachu Libre

  • Repaired an issue that caused Pikachu Libre to pass through opponents that are wall stunned when using midair strong attack.

Support Pokémon Umbreon

  • Repaired an issue that stopped the attack effect of Snarl from being displayed when Pachirisu’s Follow Me is also active.

Support Pokémon Reshiram

  • Decreased the base damage of Blue Flare. Also decreased the ease with which it can cause Guard Break.
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