Latest PS3 Update Disables Third Party Peripherals

Latest PS3 Update Disables Third Party Peripherals


When Sony’s most current update for the PS3 that went up earlier this week, it was meant to help make playing Blu-ray discs more enjoyable with a playback ability. They also added a “Grief Reporting Function” for when other players don’t play nice, but with this update came another rather big change.  Now some gamers with their PS3’s up to date will notice that their third party USB devices have stopped functioning on their beloved consoles, and they’re not too happy with that.


Earlier this week, Sony posted up a note stating their views on the fact,

“SCEA does not support continued functionality of counterfeit or unlicensed controllers in system software updates and these devices may cease to function in the future because of system software updates…SCE and its affiliated companies disclaim all liability for any loss or damage suffered by you or any third party through the use of counterfeit or unlicensed products.”

So now the banhammer has been laid to a good chunk of unfortunate devices, looks like the cheaper route for playing is skimming down as an option.