Latest Star Trek Online Dev Blog Highlights “The Anatomy of a Worf”

on November 4, 2013 1:23 PM

If you have recently jumped on Star Trek Online and checked out the latest featured episode, “Sphere of Influence,” then you will notice that there was a special guest star in the new content: Michael Dorn’s Worf, of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the latest developer’s blog, Senior Character Artist Joe Jing, explained what the character creation process was like when bringing the legendary character into STO. “There were key details missing to make a convincing Michael Dorn as Worf,” Jing explained, “for example, our existing Klingon forehead ridges didn’t quite have the same look as Worf’s ridges. And the textures for the face were missing one of the coolest and most distinguishing facial features – the groove under the eye and in front of the cheek bone that helps make Worf look so damn tough. So we modified textures for both, making new versions that are closer to the show.”

In addition to the “2409” character model that appears in the game, models were also created that resembled Worf’s appearance in Deep Space Nine and his multiple looks in The Next Generation. “Even though these iterations of Worf are not strictly in the current time period of STO, they are now available for potential feature episodes,” Jing added, “because as we all know, Star Trek is rife with alternate realities, time travel, and Holodecks.

You can check out a gallery of the creation of STO‘s Worf below.

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