Latest Star Trek Online Developers Blog Details the Voth

Latest Star Trek Online Developers Blog Details the Voth

With the upcoming Season Eight content, the developers over at Cryptic will be introducing a new set of villains to the Star Trek Online world. The Voth were first introduced in the Season Three episode, “Distant Origin,” of Star Trek: Voyager. The developers linked the Voth to the creation of the Dyson Spheres through the implication in Voyager that they were expert scientists. This was also translated into their military presence, which contains highly technological weapons including mechs and super soldiers.

The Voth are likely the, “most complex,” of any other group that the developers have created. Citing numerous variations and differences among the species, highlighted by:


The base Voth humanoid…a Voth in power armor, a class of mechs with jumpjets and a whole group of dinosaurs with frickin’ laser beams on their heads! For the Voth humanoid, we stuck pretty close to what we’d seen in the show, a dino humanoid that looks like it might have evolved from a Hadrosaur, with the largest similarity being the cranial crest. When it came to the mechs and armor however, we got to play with the designs. In general, because they are so advanced technologically, we went with a sleek futuristic look on all of their tech bits with smooth flowing lines and not a lot of right angles.

Star Trek Online‘s Season Eight is currently in development and has no release date. You can check out a gallery of the Voth and their technology below.