New Sunset Overdrive Ad Teases a Glitch in the FizzCo System

on October 27, 2014 7:05 AM

With reviews coming in and the game ready to launch tomorrow, the Awesomepocalypse of Sunset Overdrive will soon take over the unassuming masses by surprise with mutated freaks and energy drinks, and a new ad for the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive seems to indicate something bigger than just an ordinary advertisement.

A new ad for Sunset Overdrive published through the official Xbox YouTube channel features one of the game’s previous advertisements, though with a few new surprises thrown in. At around the :13 mark of the trailer, a “glitch pops up” indicating some intervention on behalf of FizzCo…or, a possible viral marketing campaign that could lead to something bigger. Pausing around the :13 mark leads to a string of morse code, translating into “OVERCHARGEDRINK.COM404PAGE.”

By using the URL “,” a FizzCo-themed 404 page soon turns into a bizarre and cryptic puzzle, with a message from a character named “Floyd” and a string of different pieces of timecode at the top indicating that more puzzles may be waiting.

Sunset Overdrive releases for Xbox One on October 28th, 2014.

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