Latest Sword Art Online: Lost Song TV Spots Features Seven & Rain

March 2, 2015

Bandai Namco Games has revealed the latest TV Spots for Sword Art Online: Lost Song which introduces both Seven and Rain. Seven’s TV Spots features the song ”Cynthia no Hikari” (Cynthia’s Light”) by Eir Aoi while Rain’s commercial features the song “Yoru no Niji o Koete” (Over the Night Rainbow) by Luna.

Seven is a brilliant Russian scientist researching virtual reality, and is dubbed “the light” compared to Akihiko Kayaba. She is the guild leader of “Shamrock,” and has youthful appearance, which is similar as to her real-life one. Rain is a mysterious girl who for unknown reasons is chasing around Kirito and his friends.


Check out the TV spots below:

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