Latest TERA Screens Show Off Fey Forest

Latest TERA Screens Show Off Fey Forest


This week’s batch of screens from the upcoming MMO TERA show off a zone in the game called Fey Forest. This game looks pretty awesome, but then again, I have a pretty hefty MMO background and am always looking for new and interesting games to try along those lines. I will say this, though, that their zone naming conventions are pretty standard – Oblivion Woods, Fey Forest…what is next, Sunrise Mountains?

Anyway, if you’re interested in this game, which promises a more action-based combat system seen in few other of its kind, hit up the screens below. Also keep your eye peeled on this title next week, because it will be making an appearance at E3, as well.

Here’s how En Mass Entertainment describes their game’s Fey Forest:

The fifth installment of the weekly Screenshots of the Week feature adventures into the magical woodland of Fey Forest near the logging outpost of Lumbertown. Feisty, flighty faeries swarm under towering evergreen trees and corrupted unicorns gallop along overgrown roads, trampling any in their path.