Latest Update for Project Phoenix’s Kickstarter Goes Over Stretch Goals in More Detail

on August 16, 2013 12:24 AM

In the latest update post for the triple AAA Kickstarter project Project Phoenix, the stretch goals are explained in more detail. Currently, the campaign fund stands at $471,831 with 26 days to go.

For the $300,000 goal, which was already surpassed, superstar Nobuo Uematsu will compose all major motifs for the characters. The team will also double the amount of models in the game, (NPCs, monsters, items, props, etc.) which adds more diversity to the game. At the $650,000 stretch goal, all cities and towns will be completely explorable and the player will have the ability to customize all non-main playable characters. The $1,025,000 stretch goals gives us an unlocked Azureguard. Also, the party members will not simply merge into one being on the overworld screen but instead travel with the protagonist and take up different fighting positions based on their class. The Kraken storyline will also become its own story arc. At the 1,650,000 mark, the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, Nobuo Uematsu and John Kurlander will be flown to Fox Studio in Sydney Australia to compose all the orchestral tracks for the game.

Finally, the developers are creating a $800,000 stretch goal that will provide additional rewards to mid-tier backers, as well as enhance some of the content in the game. If this stretch goal update has intrigued you enough to supportĀ Project Phoenix, you can go here to contribute.

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