Latias Weakness Pokemon GO — Raid Guide and Best Counters February 2021

Latias Weakness Pokemon GO — Raid Guide and Best Counters February 2021

Need a helping hand with Latias? Check this guide for the Pokemon's weaknesses and the best counters.

February 9 sees a change in five-star raid bosses within Pokemon GO. Out goes the Legendary Beast Suicune and in come the Eon Pokemon, Latios and Latias. These Pokemon have been featured in raids multiple times before, however, with new Mega Evolutions and moves being released regularly, the meta often changes. With that in mind, let’s look at Latias’ Weakness in Pokemon GO and the best counters to take it down.

Latias’ Weakness in Pokemon GO

Latias is a Psychic and Dragon-type Pokemon, leaving it with a variety of weaknesses. Its typing means that Dark, Bug, Fairy, Ice, Dragon and Ghost-type moves are all super effective against it. This ensures there is an abundance of good counters to Latias in Pokemon GO, but what are they?

Best Counters For Latias

There are a few top counters to Latias in the game, let’s take a look at them.

Like in Latios raids, Mega Gengar is the king of Latias counters. Although it’s weak against Latias’ Psychic moves, it’s strong against many other attacks in its arsenal. Again, Mega Houndoom is another effective Mega counter.

The next set of Pokemon to bring to the party are Dragons. Rayquaza is the king here. Salamence and Dragonite are also both great counters with their Community Day move Draco Meteor. Garchomp is also a great counter and offers some good resistances to Latias’ moveset.

Alongside the Dragons, there are a two very good Ghost-type Pokemon. Both Origin Form Giratina and Darkrai are solid picks.

Mega Gengar – Lick/Shadow Ball.
Mega Houndoom – Snarl/Foul Play
Rayquaza – Dragon Tail/Outrage
Salamence – Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
Dragonite – Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
Garchomp – Dragon Tail /Outrage
Darkrai – Snarl/Dark Pulse
Origin Form Giratina – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball

Best Budget Counters for Latias

If you’ve not had the chance to do many Legendary or Mega Raids, Latias can be taken down with a range of budget counters. Some of the better ones are as follows:

Tyranitar – Bite/Crunch
Chandelure – Hex/Shadow Ball
Mamoswine – Powder Snow/Avalanche
Weavile – Snarl/Avalance
Scizor – Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
Gardevoir – Charm/Dazzling Gleam
Togekiss – Charm/Dazzling Gleam

Best of luck out there trainers and if you’re also looking for help with Latias raids – we have a handy guide for that.