Things Get Really Weird in the Launch Trailer for Pikuniku

Things Get Really Weird in the Launch Trailer for Pikuniku

Pikuniku pulls no punches in delivering a surreal sensation and bizarre characters in its launch trailer for PC and Nintendo Switch.

One thing that publisher Devolver Digital appears to constantly excel at is bringing bizarre games to the surface. In the past, we’ve seen titles such as Minit and the ultra-violent Hotline Miami coming from the Devolver camp, and more recently the utterly gorgeous Gris. The latest in line to hit PC and home consoles from the publisher is the charmingly odd Pikuniku.

Miles apart from the gritty and brutal tone of Mother Russia Bleeds, Pikuniku is a deliriously jolly endeavor. Or, at least, that’s how it would seem at first glance. The colorful game sees you traversing a delightful 2D world, solving puzzles, and meeting unusual characters along the way.


Like most things that come from Devolver Digital’s lofty repertoire, Pikuniku appears to be hiding something sinister. The trailer below shows some of the strange shenanigans players can get up to while traversing its world. We get to see conversations with classic sheet ghosts, deviously dark inky entities, enormous machines, and bizarre basketball matches that don’t appear to be played by any rule set I’ve ever heard of.

For those looking for a quirky adventure filled to the brim with puzzles and oddball characters, Pikuniku is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.