Lauren Iroas Returns to Nijisanji And Streaming After Self-Imposed Hiatus

Lauren Iroas will gradually restart streaming on YouTube with Nijisanji

April 20, 2022

Nijisanji VTuber Lauren Iroas is back after his self-imposed hiatus and streamed a new apology video on April 20, 2022.

Lauren Iroas, one of the popular male Virtual YouTubers affiliated with Nijisanji, was currently on a self-imposed hiatus after accidentally revealing he owned pirated content when showing his PC desktop during a Valorant stream.

Lauren Iroas, who has over 280,000 followers on YouTube, was in a way made even more famous with the incident: The above-mentioned illegally downloaded content was pornographic movies. Back then, Lauren Iroas apologized and stated he should have more respect for the industry and should have properly paid for the content.


Lauren Iroas is Back After Nearly One Month of Hiatus, Streams New Apology

Lauren Iroas held a short stream on April 20 for the first time since February 26. During the 8 minutes stream, the VTuber again apologized and announced he his restarting his activities. Lauren Iroas also apologized to those who were recently involved in events with him and for all the inconvenience caused. Lastly, he mentioned he’d like to stream some Valorant events and tournaments again and mentioned how all other Valorant players at Nijisanji have been training earnestly. Starting now, Lauren Iroas will gradually restart streaming.

Context: Piracy in Japan in Anime and VTuber Fandoms

These types of incidents have particularly been in the spotlight among fan communities, at least in Japan. And even more so since January 8, 2021. At the time Shueisha held a special live stream and event. One Piece 1000 Logs, to commemorate the 1000th manga chapter and anime episode of One Piece.

During the stream, one of Shueisha’s employees involved with One Piece was streaming their smartphone screen, and fans spotted that their web browser’s recently accessed links history had a link to an illegal downloading site for R18 manga. The live stream was back then removed from the YouTube channel’s archive and it caused a huge uproar especially seeing Shueisha is adamant against manga piracy. The incident was hilariously nicknamed the Trafalgar RAW incident by Japanese One Piece fans.

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