Law Mower Shreds its way to Steam August 10: Tend to Your Grass and get a Free Copy

Scoria Studios are celebrating 'Law Mower Day' this Saturday, a week before release. Free copies provided with Tweets of freshly trimmed grass.

August 2, 2017

Floridian Indie developers Scoria Studios sent out a press release with a release date for their wacky grass management sim, Law Mower. The retro styled, top-down game will be coming to Steam on August 10th for $9.99 USD. And with a marketing push that’s as irreverent as the source material, the company is offering a free code for anyone who takes a picture of their freshly shorn lawn this Saturday, August 5th. These pics need to be Tweeted at devs’ official Twitter with the hashtag ‘lawmowerday’.

Of course Scoria decreed that day as Law Mower Day. I doubt we’ll be seeing that one in future calendars.


There’s also a short, thirty second trailer showing the game in mow-tion (sorry). The story centers around a man who’s goal in life is to tend to all grass in the world with his mighty, bladed steed. From tundras to deserts to suburbia, this cap wearing hero will take on the evil overgrown hordes. Dogs, missiles, and angry homeowners will also stand in his way, which is stupid since his path is filled with gasoline and blood.

The game contains a single player campaign, online multiplayer, and a map editor to keep things interesting. The Steam page ‘shreds’ more light on these features:


  • Law Mower comes with a 45 map campaign split into three episodes: Knee Deep in the Crud, The Moors That Smell, and Thy Grass Exhumed. Each episode takes place at a different time of year. Mow every level while fighting off dogs, infantry, and other home owners. Choose the difficulty appropriate to your skill level, and complete each level under the time limit and without dying to get 3-star perfection.


  • Fight your neighbors and friends to the death in online multiplayer. Multiple game modes are available and include Coop, Classic, DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination.

Maps and Mods

  • Not satisfied with the official maps? Create your own with our included map editor. Then create a server in the game to share your masterpiece with strangers and friends. Join other servers and automatically download required map and mod files.

You can check out the short teaser trailer below or peruse the official website of Law Mower for more indie hijinks. Will you take up the mantle and then drive really slow while leaving a trail of clippings in your wake?

Leif Conti-Groome

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