LawBreakers’ Newest Patch Addresses PS4 Code Hitches and Stutters

LawBreakers’ Newest Patch Addresses PS4 Code Hitches and Stutters

Cliff Bleszinski's first-person shooter LawBreakers on PS4 is massively improved with latest patch.

Cliff Bleszinski’s and Boss Key Production’s new gravity defying multiplayer first-person shooter, LawBreakers, didn’t quite have the smoothest launch on PS4 earlier this week.

While the launch on PC was smooth, the PS4 version raced out of the gate only to be tripped up by substantial hitching issues that made the game and its high-octane action difficult to enjoy and there were notably not present in the game’s latest Beta only a few weeks ago.

At the time that said issue reports flooded in, developer Boss Key issued a statement assuring fans that it was aware of the issue and working hard to concoct a solution.

Fast-forward to this morning however, and the game’s latest patch — 1.04 — has rolled out, considerably fixing the hitching and stuttering issues for an almost night and day difference.

Full patch notes for the update haven’t been released at the moment of writing this.

LawBreakers is available for PS4 and PC digitally at the price-point of $29.99 USD. Additionally, while an Xbox One version has not been announced, Bleszinski has said in the past to not rule out such a version.