LawBreakers Adds 4 New Tutorial Videos to Help with Turf War, Blitzball, and More

LawBreakers Adds 4 New Tutorial Videos to Help with Turf War, Blitzball, and More

Boss Key Productions gives us the lowdown on Blitzball, Uplink, Turf War, and Overcharge modes in a series of YouTube tutorial trailers.

The fine folks at Boss Key Productions took to YouTube yesterday to give a demonstration of the new modes coming up for their arena shooter, LawBreakers. With the game set to hit on August 8 for PC and PS4, it’s not surprising that more information is becoming available. However, what’s just around the corner is the beta starts in just a few days: June 28th for the closed session and June 30th for the open. But for this second, a quadrilogy of trailers will have to be enough to tide us over until either release.

The four multiplayer modes focus on traditional FPS staples but ‘with Boss Key’s unique flair’. Here we see attack and defend style, domination style, and capture the flag style but with a few tweaks. Here is a brief description of each of the modes with its accompanying tutorial video:

Uplink requires that you steal a small satellite from your enemy’s base and hold it at your own base to upload all the info. The item can be stolen at any point but your progress is saved; therefore, if you regain control of the satellite, you won’t have to wait as long. But once everything is uploaded, you’ll need to keep it at your base for an additional 20 seconds. Do this 3 times and you win.

Blitzball has you grabbing a ball that drops in the middle of the arena and bringing it to your opponent’s goal to score a point. The player with the ball is given a suicidal shot clock which goes kablooey if you don’t get rid of it quick enough. Here there is a countdown timer and the team with the most points at the end wins.

Turf War has both teams trying to scan three different areas in a LawBreakers map in order to get to 16 points. Once fully conquered, an area will stayed lock until all three areas are under a team’s control. Afterwards, the spots are reset and the teams go at it yet again.

In Overcharge, you need to grab a battery from a neutral part of the map and bring it back to your base to recharge. Much like Uplink, the item can be stolen but your charge will hold if it’s taken. You’ll need to stick around another 30 seconds once the task is complete to make sure the battery is ‘overcharged’. The first team to 3 points claims victory.

What do you think? Do you think Boss Key’s small twists on these classics are enough to make you interested in LawBreakers? It will only be a few days until some will be able to see how these modes actually play.