CliffyB Unveils Release Date and Price of LawBreakers at PC Gaming Show during E3 2017

CliffyB just confirmed at the 2017 PC Gaming Show at E3 that multiplayer FPS LawBreakers will release August 8 for PC and PS4 for $29.99.

Everyone’s favorite unspoken developer, Cliffy Bleszinski (aka CliffyB) joined the PC Gaming Show just now to talk about his game LawBreakers. While he mentioned the beta and some of the challenges therein but the biggest news was the price and release date of the multiplayer FPS. The game will launch on August 8 for PC and PS4 for $29.99 USD. The dev mentioned specifically wanting to avoid the usual $59.99 ‘bullshit’ USD price tag.

The latest beta for the game will have two important dates coming up. On June 28th, the closed session will happen where the preview will open up to all on June 30th. Again, CliffyB used his favorite word, ‘bullshit’, in regards to wanting to avoid a crappy beta period. He said that the team was working to use the feedback to tighten the game up in July before launch.

With the game being in announced back in Boss Key Productions back in March 2016, LawBreakers was originally planned to be free to play. Now the game has a solid release date and a beta that apparently is being taken very seriously, so it seems to be in a good spot before launch. We’ll see if this multiplayer experience is worth it and CliffyB can infuse his bombastic personality into the gameplay.

Speaking of which, PC Gamer has uploaded the Beta reaction trailer up on their YouTube channel that you can watch below:

Leif Conti-Groome

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