Today is the Final Day That You Can Ever Play Lawbreakers

Today is the Final Day That You Can Ever Play Lawbreakers

Following the closing of Boss Key earlier this year, today is the final day that servers for Lawbreakers should be live.

Earlier this year, Boss Key Productions announced that they would be closing their doors. This news came less than a year after the studio launched the multiplayer shooter Lawbreakers and a short time after the early access release of Radical Heights, a battle royale title that was a last ditch effort to try and save the company.

Following the end of Boss Key, it was announced that Lawbreakers would go free-to-play and the servers would remain online for at least a few more months. As of today, though, those servers will officially be closing.

That’s right, if you ever had any inclination to give Lawbreakers another go then you better do so today. The remaining members of the game’s community over on Reddit have tried their best to organize one final play date for Lawbreakers before servers are closed for good.

While I know Lawbreakers has been more of a punching bag over the past year than anything else, the story of this game really does break my heart. Even more so, it’s strange to me that because of the servers closing down, literally no one will ever be able to play it again. It’s not like we’re losing some vital part of gaming history here, but it’s incredibly sad to me that the product that many devs worked on for numerous years will now be completely unavailable even to those who might want to revisit it. So is the nature of online games, I guess.

Anyway, if you want to give Lawbreakers one last go, you better hop in sooner rather than later because there’s no specific time as to when servers will be closing down today.

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