Lawyer Up: Sony Owned Gaikai at the Center of a Patent Lawsuit

on October 11, 2012 11:49 AM

In case you didn’t know, patent lawsuits are all the rage these days. Just look around, everyone’s doing it. Joining in the fray is Delaware based game streaming company T5 Labs. They’re claiming that the Gaikai streaming service (purchased over the summer by Sony) is knowingly infringing on their streaming patent.

The name of the patent in question is “Sharing a Graphical Processing Unit Between a Plurality of Programs.” Allegedly, this is the same system setup that Gaikai uses to stream its games. T5 Labs has gone on record to say that they have since warned Gaikai about the patent infringement, which the Sony owned company has apparently ignored.

By going to trial T5 Labs believes they will be able to recoup interest, costs and disbursements, for damages that they have suffered and will continure to suffer from the infringement.

This isn’t exactly the first rodeo for T5 Labs. In 2011 the company believed that OnLive was also infringing on one of their patents. However, it was never taken to trial.


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