Lazlow Jones Explains How Grand Theft Auto V Was Influenced by Red Dead Redemption

Lazlow Jones Explains How Grand Theft Auto V Was Influenced by Red Dead Redemption

Lazlow Jones has been involved with writing and producing Grand Theft Auto games since Grand Theft Auto III, and of course he played a role in V as well. Yesterday he explained during an interview on Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s podcast what elements were brought over to Grand Theft Auto V‘s from (almost) everyone’s beloved open world western game Red Dead Redemption.

There’s two things that we had in Red Dead and we brought into GTA5, and I thought worked quite well.

There were those random character missions where they’d flag you down on the side of the road. You were just riding a horse and somebody would just flag you down and say “Can you please help me?” and then they’d conk you over the head and steal your stuff or something (laughs).

But, you know, we brought a lot of that into GTA5, so you have these interactions with those random characters out in the world.

But then also the weapon wheel, we brought that over, which I think changed a lot of the gameplay dynamics.

You know, Red Dead has such a special place in my heart with just the…I think we explored a lot of the characters on the streets and in the city to really push it and make everybody feel alive and give everybody a backstory and…You know characters would pass each other in the street and greet each other by name?

We brought that functionality intgo GTA5 because we felt it worked out really well.

There wasn’t radio in Red Dead, but there were these old silent movies…

[…] (Minor spoiler ahead, continue at your own risk)

We brought the movie theater into GTA5. One of the big things in the storyline is trying to get this movie made and then you can eventually actually see it in the theater.

Considering how great Red Dead Redemption is, I’m not surprised that they decided to have some of its elements carry over in Grand Theft Auto V. There’s only one element I hope won’t ultimately extend to Rockstar’s latest game: the lack of a PC version.