Lead and Gold Patch Goes Live Today

A new patch will be going live today for Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West which as patches usually do will be fixing and changing a number of things in the game. What things you want to know? I’m sorry, let me elaborate;

  • All Trophies have been fixed.
  • Server browser optimised to accommodate a larger amount of simultaneous games and players.
  • All players now listed on the leader board (previously it was only the top 1000).
  • New sniper rifle/scope functionality; when scoped, damage is now increased over time.
  • New in-game options menu has been added. Press the SELECT button and use left/right with D-pad to navigate among the following functionalities:
  1. Pick new character.
  2. Switch teams.
  3. Kick player vote.
  4. Shuffle teams vote.
  5. Kicking idle players after certain time added.
  6. Spawn camping fixes for existing levels.
    John Colaw

    John is what you might call something of a badass. When he's not writing about games or playing them, he's playing in the Kansas City band "Documentary" and drinking as many different beers as often as he can. He's a huge comic nerd in the best sense of the term, with a particular love for the Creator Owned movement.

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