Divinity: Original Sin Designer Leaves Studio to Work on Dex, A Cyberpunk 2D RPG

on November 13, 2014 7:56 PM

Update: Larian Studios has reached out to us since publishing to clarify that Axel Droxler was not the lead designer on Divinity: Original Sin as originally reported. Droxler’s role on the project was that of a designer and scripter. The following is the updated story.

Axel Droxeler, one of the designers who worked on the PC smash-hit Divinity: Original Sin, has departed Larian Studios to work on a new project. He has now joined the studio Dreadlocks to work on the cyberpunk 2D RPG game known as Dex.

Dex was successfully funded on Kickstarter just under a year ago, raising roughly over $48,000, going into Early Access on Steam back in August before Gamescom. After going dark for a few months, the developers announced new information on their Kickstarter page today, including the news that Droxler has joined their team and has been working on the game since September.

Hearing Droxler has gone on to join Dreadlocks has simultaneously made me both highly intrigued in looking into Dex to see how he influences its design and also leaves me wondering how his loss will impact future Divinity games after the series was revitalized this year. Only time will tell, but it is an interesting little bit to keep an eye on. You can checkout Dex on Steam Early Access right now for only $15.99.


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