League of Legends Pro Team Fnatic Win the EU LCS 2018 Summer Split

League of Legends Pro Team Fnatic Win the EU LCS 2018 Summer Split

Fnatic dominated the competition throughout the European League of Legends Championships Summer Split 2018 to become the series Champions.

Competing in eSports can be a long and grueling affair. None quite as long or grueling though as the intense team-based combat of League of Legends. Yesterday saw the European League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split 2018 come to a close with a final between Fnatic and FC Schalke 04.

Entering the finals in a strong position, Fnatic was 80 points ahead of the competition on the overall scoreboard with a whopping 180 points in totoal being accumulated between Spring and Summer. Playing for Fnatic were Bwipo, Broxah, Hylissang, sOAZ, fan favorite Rekkies, and the season’s MVP Caps taking on FC Schalke 04’s squad of Visicsacsi, Amazing, Nukeduck, Upset, and Vander. While Dylan Falco coached the Fnatic side, FC Schalke 04 played under the watchful eye of Guilhoto.

What followed was a lengthy and intense set as FC Schalke 04 swept through Fnatic’s team in the first match to run away with an early victory. Following this, Fnatic came back looking like a more solid side and edged through to even the score. The third match then saw Fnatic descending upon FC Schalke 04 to claim their second victory in a row. With momentum on their side, Fnatic finished the job by taking out FC Schalke 04 for the third time and claiming first place in European League of Legends Championship Summer Split 2018.

You can view the finals in the video below where the action starts around the 90 minute mark. League of Legends is available now on Mac and PC.