League of Maidens Getting New Alpha Phase; Teases Sexy Dances and Desert Stage with New Trailer

League of Maidens is getting a new update as it prepares to enter the second stage of its closed alpha, coming with sexy dancing and a desert stage.

on June 3, 2017 4:11 PM

League of Maidens has been going through its closed alpha for a while, and on June 9th, developer Maiden Gaming will launch the second stage of the alpha testing, with a new patch numbered 1.1.4.

Among the content added with the patch, players will get a new desert map, and thirteen new dance emotes, showcased in a trailer that you can see below. Considering that League of Maidens features rather sexy… maidens, those emotes definitely complement the curvaceous character models.

of course, the patch also includes performance optimization and bug fixes.

For those unfamiliar with the game, League of Maidens is defined a 3D free-to-play online battle arena real time strategy game, and it basically mixes shooting, third person action battle between scantly-clad superheroines, vehicle driving, lane-based arena combat and RTS in a rather unique concoction.

You can check out the trailer below, alongside the full patch notes, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy the character creation, more videos on classes and custimization, and one on training minigames.

League of Maidens will be coming soon for PC and Mac.

Patch Notes: League of Maidens v1.1.4 Alpha

1 – Revamped the city models to optimize and make them look better to increase performance.

2 – Added (13) new dance routine emotes each 2-3 minutes long. Very… very exciting!!!

3 – Added new selectable ‘Desert Stage’ when going to war.

4 – Adjusted the camera location for sprint running with the dynamic camera setting.

5 – Fixed an issue where projectile force was not being applied to soldiers and dead bodies.

6 – Fixed training mini-game sounds.

7 – Fixed an issue where soldiers were not teleporting to the new lane when battle stage ends.

8 – Fixed an issue with not being able to preview Model B outfits in the shop.

9 – Enabled Ambient Occlusion by default.

10 – Changed Weather and Time to “DYNAMIC” by default.

11 – Fixed an issue with Dynamic time setting not starting at 8:00am

12 – Fixed an issue with “cannot connect to the server” if the player cleared their data folder.

13 – Fixed an issue with pop-up damage not showing when shooting soldiers.

14 – Fixed an issue with transformation not working for Divinian war maidens.

15 – Fixed an issue with melee not denting cars.

16 – Fixed an issue with thunderstorm rain effect not working in game and in cinematography mode.

17 – Added the ability for players to enter RGB values in the character customization color picker.

18 – Added a ground target for Raging Storm and Lightning Strike skills.

19 – Fixed the Bow and Arrow arc projection ui indicator.

20 – Fixed an exploit that allowed players to slide large distances when using melee in Growth form.

21 – Fixed an issue that prevented the camera from adjusting when you are using the M2 attack while existing Growth form.

22 – Changed “Immortals Killed” to “War Maidens Killed” in the match results screen.

23 – Fixed a graphical glitch that caused the war maidens upper body to be invisible when setting the effect level below 3.

24 – Improved the explosion effects for war ships when they attack the enemy base in rush stage.

25 – Fixed an issue that prevented the base core from disappearing after it is destroyed at the end of the match.

26 – Fixed a bug that caused when you are attacked by the dragon during a sprint grab.

27 – Fixed a bug that caused the war maidens force field to get stuck after players death from a turret attack.

28 – Fixed an issue that caused the “War Maiden has been killed” UI element to get stuck when entering cinematography mode.

29 – Reduced damage level for Sonic Crusher skill. DAMAGE – Lvl 1. 600 | Lvl 2. 800 | Lvl 3. 1000 | Lvl 4. 1200 | Lvl 5. 1400

30 – Fixed an issue that caused the player to lose momentum and drop down immediately after Sonic Crusher.

31 – Fixed an issue that randomly caused Sonic Crusher to not move forward at all or delay before moving forward.

32 – Added expiration times for Conjured Turrets. LASTING TIME – Lvl 1. 30 seconds | Lvl 2. 45 seconds | Lvl 3. 60 seconds | Lvl 4. 90 seconds | Lvl 5. 120 seconds.

33 – Added expiration times for Conjured Healing/Magic Posts. LASTING TIME – Lvl 1. 30 seconds | Lvl 2. 45 seconds | Lvl 3. 60 seconds | Lvl 4. 90 seconds | Lvl 5. 120 seconds.

34 – Added expiration times for Conjured Traps. LASTING TIME – Lvl 1. 60 seconds | Lvl 2. 90 seconds | Lvl 3. 120 seconds | Lvl 4. 180 seconds | Lvl 5. 240 seconds.

Known Issues: Building destruction has been disabled as we are revamping this system to optimize it and make it look better.
Next Patch Priorities: Continued Performance & Optimization, War Maiden AI improvements, content addition.

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