League of Legends 11.19 Tier List, Best Top Side Champions

September 23, 2021

Riot are wanting to make as many champions as possible viable for professional play within worlds 2021. They went wild for patch 11.19 in how many adjustments they have made to champions, hoping to either reign them in or push them into the meta.

Riot claimed that patch 11.19 is more pro play focused. As always though, the meta for regular players has still shifted. These changes have left some champs in quite strong states, and each role has plenty of options for solid picks to carry on. Here is a tier list of some of the key picks for Top, Jungle and Mid Lane this patch.

You can find more on the entire 11.19 patch notes on Riot’s official website here.

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League of Legends | Vex: The Gloomist Champion Trailer

League of Legends | Vex: The Gloomist Champion Trailer

Top Lane

S+: Fiora, Camille, Sett, Irelia,
S: Mordekaiser, Urgot, Jax, Wukong, Quinn, Yorick, Malphite


S+: Lee Sin, Amumu, Jarvin IV
S: Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Kindred, Kayn, Xin Zhao, Ekko, Nocturne

Mid Lane

S+: Akshan, Irelia, Sylas
S: Annie, Qiyana, Katarina, Fizz, LeBlanc, Yasuo, Yone


Whilst Camille may have only received nerfs recently, she has remained a solid pick due to the champions that have risen to prominence on patches such as 11.19. With bruisers and dualists being solid choices right now, Camille’s kit allows her to stand her ground in the lane phase whilst providing substantial team fight contributions with things such as her Ultimate ability.


Amumu’s rise has come off of the back of him getting a buff to his Q on 11.17, with his win rate skyrocketing since. With such a simple champ, his gameplay is quite easy to understand. When playing Amumu, you use his Q to go in and Ult to stun all enemies in a large range. And with players now having two chances at hitting that Q, the success rate of getting a good engage off has become much higher.


Sylas is a champ that did receive a buff on 11.19, which was to his base mana and mana regeneration. Whilst this may seem little, it will allow him to use his abilities more freely and help him sustain through the early game with the option to use his W more, which heals him if damaging an enemy champion.

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