League of Legends April Fools Day 2021: What To Expect?

Here's everything to expect from League of Legends April Fools 2021 event

Each year, Riot Games surprises League of Legends’ players with a hilarious April Fools day prank. Well, this year isn’t going to be any different because LOL always comes back to make you laugh with its witty pranks.

Last year, the developers introduced ‘Pingu,’ a fake LOL champion, as an April Fools day prank. Along with that, players got the URF(Ultra Rapid Fire) game mode, which comes back every year on April 1st.

What’s more, every year on April Fools day, Riot releases silly skins for all champions. Now, players wonder what surprises they should expect from the League of Legends April Fools 2021 event; well, let’s find out.

League of legends April fool’s 2021

League of Legends April Fools Day 2021 Expectations

Fake Champion

Riot announced ‘Pingu’ as the fake champion for April Fools 2020. According to the developers’ post last year, Pingu is “League’s Cuddliest Champion.”

Before last year’s event, URF, the Manatee, was the official mascot for LOL April Fools Day. The mascot made regular appearances several times around April 1. However, last year, Riot Games ditched URF to introduce Pingu. So, the developers might bring back Pingu for April Fools 2021 event as well.

URF Game Mode

Ultra Rapid Fire is a League of Legends game mode for April Fools day. URF arrives exclusively in Summoner’s Rift for normal and co-op vs. AI games. In the game mode, three champions get banned for both teams. Then, players have to pick their champions for the match blindly.

Considering URF’s consistent appearance in past LOL April Fools events, it’s safe to assume that the game mode would be available this year as well.


As of now, Riot didn’t officially confirm any skins for April Fools day 2021. However, LOL players love the latest Space Groove skins. So, there’s a possibility that this year’s April Fools skin, if there are any, could be related to Space Groove.


Interestingly, this is the only LOL April Fools 2021 hint players received from Riot. On Twitter, LOL posted a picture flaunting four mushrooms. Then, they asked players to select a mushroom through voting.

Now, this might be related to upcoming April Fools day skins, or maybe the champions; but it’s too soon to assume anything.

What’s frustrating is that it will take another 9 hours for the voting to end when writing this article. And that’s probably when we’ll hear something official on the League of Legends April Fools 2021 event. Anyway, don’t fret; we’ll update the post as soon as something more turns up.

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