League of Legends’ Next Character Rework is For Ezreal, First Teaser Trailer Revealed

Riot has teased the new rework for Ezreal in a brief new gameplay preview trailer highlighting his new look and abilities.

on September 24, 2018 1:41 PM

Following the rework for Nunu & Willump earlier this Summer, Ezreal is now the next champion lined up to receive an overhaul of his own.

Riot Games revealed the first glimpse of this new Ezreal in action today by releasing a teaser trailer showing off the marksman’s new abilities. All in all, this overhaul of Ezreal is pretty subtle compared to some of the last few reworks that we have seen with Ezreal’s W being the biggest new change to his abilities.

Ezreal has also received an overhaul in the visual department though he roughly looks the same as before with a more stylistic look to his character model being the biggest change. This new trailer also shows a glimpse of the many different skins for Ezreal and what those will look like following his new rework as well.

The new teaser trailer for Ezreal’s updated character is below. Currently, there’s no specific timeframe as to when he will be coming to League of Legends but it should be within the next few weeks. A new Champion Spotlight video showing off a more in-depth look at this new Ezreal should be arriving soon.

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