League of Legends is Rebooting All of its Lore

By Andrew Matt

September 5, 2014

League of Legends, the massively successful MOBA from developer Riot Games, is scrapping the entirety of its lore.

In a dev log by Tommy Gnox on the official site titled ‘Exploring Runeterra’, the developer goes in depth on how the series needed to reboot its lore. The post goes on to describe how evolution has been core to League of Legends, always changing to needs and to consistently offer the best experience possible. Having had set story elements to explain why players were powerful Summoners that could control champions and how they got into the League of Legends eventually felt like an inhibitor and stagnated creativity, leading to the changes they now seek to implement.

Tommy Gnox said in the post that,

Story has the potential to affect every element of League of Legends, so the decision to venture into new narrative territory wasn’t made quickly or capriciously. The need for change only became apparent over time, and the choice was made only after a great deal of deliberation. Further, we want you to know that this new approach is focused on opening up possibilities and unlocking a wider, more fully-fledged world – the point isn’t to tear up older stories that form their own cherished part of League’s history.

But what does that mean?

Essentially, it means that the game and story aren’t one-to-one copies of each other. League as a game is about creating awesome gameplay, while League as a story is about creating deep, vibrant characters and factions inhabiting an expansive world. We don’t want to limit story because of gameplay, just like we wouldn’t limit gameplay because of story – we want both of them (and all the other elements of League) to have the freedom to be as great as they possibly can be.

Does this mean older story efforts like the Journal of Justice and League Judgments are meaningless? Of course not. In the same way that we can go back and enjoy old books, shows, films, art, and comics that have been superseded by more recent interpretations of the same material, League’s original lore remains a cherished part of its history. From comic books to classic literature, exploration of the same creative space in vastly different ways is a natural part of storytelling.

The post continues on to reiterate that this change will help make character personalities and identities consistent across all mediums, using Darius as an example as an axe wielding character that should handle himself the same in the game, cinematics or a story driven piece. Essentially, the team looks at this as a way to flesh out characters, rather than dramatically alter their stories.

Being someone who has never dipped into League of Legends, seeing a reset in the lore to smooth things out and keep the tone of the series the same no matter where it is experienced is exciting to say the least. Does the lore reboot to League of Legends sound exciting to you or do you vehemently oppose dabbling with your favorite champions already established stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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