League of Legends Mobile Version Said to be in Development

Riot Games and Tencent are looking to expand the reach of League of Legends even further by bringing it soon to your mobile device.

The League of Legends player base is already massive as it currently stands, but if a new rumor turns out to be true, it seems like the game’s reach could be expanding even further.

According to a new report from Reuters, Riot Games and its parent company Tencent are currently working on a mobile version of League of Legends. This information comes from three different sources that informed Reuters of this version of the game’s development.

The report goes on to say that this supposed mobile version of League of Legends has been worked on for a little over a year at this point. Another source cited in the report also says that if the arrival of this mobile edition of the game is not likely to be in 2019.

In a follow-up report from Kotaku, a source stated that this mobile version of League of Legends won’t be identical to its PC counterpart and will potentially contain fewer characters, items, and runes. It’s also being built specifically with mobile in mind and isn’t just an adaptation of League from the PC.

Honestly, this all makes a lot of sense and is something I’ve expected Riot Games and Tencent to do for awhile now. That said, Riot was previously said by another source to have turned down Tencent to make this mobile iteration of LoL a few years back. This then led to Tencent creating Arena of Valor. It seems though that years later, Riot finally decided it was time to move in this direction.

As of now, both Riot Games and Tencent have declined to comment on this story, but we’ll likely hear more directly from the two companies in the future assuming that this is something that will come about sooner or later. If and when it does arrive, you’d have to assume a release for iOS and Android both will be in the cards.

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