League of Legends MSI 2019 Will be Held in Vietnam and Taiwan

League of Legends MSI 2019 Will be Held in Vietnam and Taiwan

Riot Games has announced that the Mid-Season Invitational will this year take place across both Vietnam and Taiwan.

As part of Riot Games’ ongoing schedule to lay out plans for 2019 in League of Legends, today the company revealed more details on what it has in store for the esports scene throughout this year. More of these plans came to light this morning in a new video which most notably revealed the dates and location for one of the year’s biggest tournaments.

As of today, we now know that MSI in 2019 which will take place across Vietnam and Taiwan. For those unaware, MSI–or the Mid-Season Invitational–is the second biggest tournament in the League of Legends esports scene annually besides that of Worlds. The tourney sees the winning teams in Spring/Split 1 from leagues around the globe coming together to compete against one another.

MSI annually takes place between splits every year of the pro scene. This year, MSI begins on May 1 with the Play-In stage, which will last through May 7. The Group stage will then kick off on May 10 and will last through the 14th before the tournament concludes with the Knockout stage from May 17-19. Assuming the favorites from each region end up winning their respective Splits in the early portion of this year, MSI could be quite interesting in 2019.

As for Riot’s other plans in esports this year, they say that they also want to become more active in the collegiate scene and foster a community that gives amateur players more of a chance to become professionals. You can hear more about these details in the video at the bottom of the page.

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