Newest League of Legends Champion is the Shapeshifter Neeko

Newest League of Legends Champion is the Shapeshifter Neeko

Neeko the Curious Chameleon is the latest champion to join the League of Legends roster.

After weeks of rumors and discussion, Riot Games has finally revealed the latest champion that will be coming to League of Legends and I’m already frustrated just watching her in action.

Neeko the chameleon is the 142nd champ to join the League of Legends roster and as her name implies, she will be able to shapeshift. Neeko contains a tail like a chameleon along with a vibrant, many-colored character model.

As seen in Neeko’s reveal trailer, when standing next to friendly players she can take the same form as that champion to trick enemy opponents. It’s a dastardly skill to have and as someone who cannot stand tricky champs like LeBlanc already, Neeko looks like my nightmare come to life.

As for other abilities that Neeko seems to possess, it looks as though she can create a clone of her current self to send out at any point to even further confuse opponents. She also seems to possess an ability with slight crowd control in addition to a move that splits her into two different chameleons, much like with LeBlanc’s passive.

The first trailer revealing Neeko is attached below. As of now, there is no release date for Neeko but I’d have to imagine she’ll be arriving in the game in the coming weeks. We’ll also likely get a new Champion Spotlight video showing off the specifics of Neeko’s kit in the near future.