League of Legends New Trailer Highlights Vex the Gloomist Skills and Abilities

By Jamie Good

September 3, 2021

Begrudgingly, Vex is the next champion to be sent into summoners rift. Displaying some interesting new abilities and choice voice lines in their gameplay trailer.

The Riot Games Dev Video released at the beginning of 2021 teased Vex and her gloomy personality. With the first look at Vex’s appearance during the Sentinals of Light event in July of 2021.

Hot off the heels of Akshan, the high-spirited Sentinal of Light, The Gloomist has a personality in stark contrast to this. With voice lines evoking a child’s personality, one who would rather be anywhere else than where they currently are.

League of Legends | Vex: The Gloomist Champion Trailer

League of Legends | Vex: The Gloomist Champion Trailer

So what are Vex’s abilities?

As for what this new champion will bring to Summoners Rift in terms of gameplay, a kit that will allow players to dispatch their opponents whilst maintaining a safe distance, even when Vex is choosing to dash in, seems to be the aim.

With ranged attacks being performed by The Gloomist’s shadowy partner whenever crowd control is applied to an enemy. In addition to that, two AoE (Area of Effect) abilities can apply fear to multiple targets.

One being ranged detonating after a short time and one centred on the champion will be exciting to work with and against. Lastly, a fairly standard skill shot that deals damage across a wave rounds out the champion’s standard Q, W, E abilities.

Source: Vex: The Gloomist | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

The last ability, possibly the most important to the character that will define the way she is played, is the ultimate. The trailer shows three extremely long-ranged skill shots that allow Vex to dash to a target if the initial skill shot connects. The dash will follow opponents if they attempt to dash or jump away, as is explicitly shown in the gameplay trailer when Vex follows Tristana as she tries to Rocket Jump away.

When will Vex be released?

Vex will be available on the PBE in the following week, and this is where players can get hands-on with the new champions kit as soon as possible.

This will also be where any issues that may cause delays will be found. Hopefully, Vex will not cause as many issues as Viego, the last champion that needed an extended stay on the PBE.

So long as there are no more setbacks relating to champion power level, the reason for her initial delay, Vex should be released on live servers on 11.19, the last patch of September 2021.

Patch 11.19 is also one of the two patches Riot has announced as the World Championship 2021 tuning patches. However, Vex will not be enabled for the tournament.

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