New League of Legends Character Trailer Showcases Visual Overhaul for Nunu

Nunu will be the latest champion to receive a rework for League of Legends with the character's model being vastly different from before.

on August 13, 2018 12:05 PM

Riot Games has today released the newest character trailer for Nunu, the latest character to receive a rework in¬†League of Legends, and it’s way too cute.

Those familiar with Nunu and his yeti pal Willump will likely notice the visual changes to the champion first as they are strikingly different from before. Nunu’s attire has changed with the boy now donning a new hat and poncho rather than the previously worn winter coat that kept him bundled up. Willump on the other hand now has a new pair of arms to go along with horns and a tail. Both characters are also much more stylized and look like they could be straight out of a Pixar movie.

As for Nunu’s moves, they mostly seem to be the same as before with the yeti’s signature bite and ult returning. The only new move seems to be that of a rolling snowball which looks as though it boosts Nunu’s speed while additionally¬†dealing damage to other champions once you crash into them. We’ll likely get a new trailer showing off more details related to Nunu reworked attributes and moves in the coming days or weeks.

For now, you can watch the adorable new trailer for Nunu below. This Nunu rework is scheduled to drop alongside the arrival of Patch 8.17 which we should learn more about soon.

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