League of Legends One For All: Mirror Mode is Available on May 29th

on May 27, 2014 6:31 PM

Starting May 29th, League of Legends players will see the return of One For All mode, this time with a twist. The new One For All: Mirror Mode involves players voting on a single champion before the start of the game, and having all players battle the champion in a Howling Abyss mirror match.

The most noticable change made to this mode is that it enables players on both teams to clash with the same champ. Players who partake in this new game mode will be awarded by having a special icon unlocked.

Additionally, a feature has been added to One For All: Mirror Mode that allows players to purchase a Battle Boost for the players team during champ select.

If the player purchases one (150 RP), they will temporarily unlock all the chosen champ’s currently available skins for the player and their allies. Everyone on the player’s team also gets a one game 100 IP boost.

This mode is scheduled to end on June 8th.

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