League Of Legends Patch 11.7: Release Date, Time, Downtime, Nerfs and Buffs

Here are some early details ahead of next week's LOL patch.

By Shivam Gulati

March 23, 2021

League of Legends is only a few days away from getting patch 11.7. The next Season 11 update is scheduled to release worldwide on March 31.

In the upcoming update, the developers will finally nerf Udyr and Kai’Sa along with other champions. On the other hand, Riot plans to release much-awaited buffs for several champions as well.

LOL Update 11.7 will introduce new Space Groove skins for seven champions, including Nasus, Lulu, and Rumble. Interestingly, the Prestige Space Groove will also be a part of the upcoming LOL patch.

League of Legends Update 11.7 Release Schedule

Riot Games will release LOL Patch 11.7 on March 31, and players can expect a small downtime when the update goes live. Here’s the complete release schedule of the next update:

  • 10 am AEDT (OC)
  • 3 am PT (NA)
  • 5 am GMT (EUW)
  • 3 am CET (EUNE)
  • 8 am KR (Korea)

As usual, Riot will disable the queue 3-4 hours before it releases the update.

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LOL Patch 11.7 Changes

The developers haven’t released the official patch notes for update 11.7 as of yet. However, we already know some of the big changes arriving in the next update. They are as follows:

Champion Nerfs

Below are all the champions who are listed for nerfs in the next LOL patch:

  • Udyr
  • Kai’Sa
  • Hecarim
  • Ivern
  • Rell
  • Thresh
  • Alistar

Champion Buffs

  • Kindred
  • Yorick
  • Braum
  • Yasuo
  • Mordekaiser
  • Lissandra
  • Amumu

Trinity Changes

  • Attack Damage increased to 30 from 25
  • Attack Speed decreased to 30% from 35%
  • Mythic Passive has changed [3 Attack Damage, 3 Ability Haste, 3 Move Speed] – changed from [10 Attack Speed]

Turbo Chemtack

  • Move Speed from Active- Supercharged decreased from 75% to 60%
  • Slow effect increased from 40% to 60%

Space Groove Skins

  • Samira: 1350 Riot Points (Epic)
  • Lulu: 1350 Riot Points (Epic)
  • Rumble: 1350 Riot Points (Epic)
  • Nunu & Willump: 1350 Riot Points (Epic)
  • Nasus: 1350 Riot Points (Epic)
  • Blitzcrank: 1820 Riot Points (Legendary)
  • Lulu: 100 Prestige Points (Prestige)

While these aren’t the official patch notes for League of legends update 11.7, they might still give you an idea of what’s coming. Nevertheless, we’ll update you as soon as Riot officially releases the patch notes for the next update.

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