League of Legends Gives Update for Skins and Events for Season 2019

League of Legends Gives Update for Skins and Events for Season 2019

Producer of League of Legends skins team Carlos Giffon gives us a taste of what skins and events to expect for the 2019 season.

Season 2019 of League of Legends is underway bringing a slew of changes to Riot Games’ incredibly popular MOBA. A new developer diary video sheds some light on some of the skins and events we can expect throughout the year.

Featured in the dev diary is Carlos Giffon, a producer on the skins team for League of Legends. The first bit of business discussed were the events. Due to the popularity of Versus, Worlds with K/DA, and Odyssey events, we can expect more events similar to this in 2019; specific details on those events are not given but we will also see the return of events evolving around PROJECT, Arcade, and Star Guardian.

The Versus event is coming back this year, although it will be a bit cuter with a cat versus dog theme. Speaking of themes, there will be a new theme that will be revealed early this year that revolves around shonen anime. While a specific time wasn’t noted, Giffon did note a new champion would be coming with the implementation of the new theme.

Speaking more about skins, thanks to the fast-growing popularity of K/DA, Riot Games is looking to make more music-inspired skins similar to the K/DA Akali skins that can “live beyond the game.” More specifically on K/DA, Prestige edition skins for Ahri and Evelynn with more of these types of skins coming throughout 2019.

Lastly, Giffon also discussed how they choose who will receive skins. It is mostly determined by how much a certain champion is played, if they are a good fit for the theme that is being worked on, and if they received a new skin recently. Riot Games aims to continue to give new skins to champions who haven’t received one in a while with new looks for Nunu, Shaco, Zilean, Ivern, and more.

Just a few days ago, a new cinematic promoting the launch of Season 2019 was shown featuring the song “Awaken.” In the same vein as the K/DA or RISE videos, as of this writing, the newest musical cinematic has reached over 20 million views in less than a week. Riot Games’ Global Head of Communications David Higdon said to expect more “extensions of our IP” this year via Twitter.

If you want to check out all the changes yourself, you can play League of Legends right now for PC and Mac. If you want to see what we think of the most popular game in the world, you can check out Logan Moore’s review where he says, “League of Legends is one of the most replayable games I have ever poured my time into and I don’t see myself moving on from it anytime soon.”