Sylas is the Newest League of Legends Champion and He Can Copy Enemy Ultimates

Sylas is the Newest League of Legends Champion and He Can Copy Enemy Ultimates

Riot Games is gearing up to add yet another champion to League of Legends with Sylas and he offers one of the most unique kits we've seen in quite some time.

Riot Games has today revealed the 143rd champion for the highly-popular MOBA League of Legends and he goes by the name of Sylas.

Sylas: The Unshackled, the champ’s full title, is an escaped prisoner who has chains wrapped around his wrists. In-game, Sylas primarily uses his chains for combat purposes and most of his abilities involve these shackles. Some of these abilities include the Chain Lash, which is an ability that deals damage and slows enemies, along with Abscond/Abduct, a two-part move that allows Sylas to dash forward at first before casting again to throw out his chains which when landed upon an enemy pulls Sylas towards that target.

By far the most unique aspect of Sylas, and the quality that the entire League community is already talking about ad nauseam, deals with the champion’s ultimate ability. Sylas’ ult is called Hijack and it allows him to copy the ults of enemy champs near him. Yes, that means Sylas can steal any of the 142 other champion ults in the game and then use them for himself. At the moment, it’s somewhat uncertain how certain ults will work once Sylas copies them–for example a champ like Heimerdinger which has an ult that simply buffs a subsequent ability–but we’ll likely learn more about this once he becomes available for play.

It’s also worth noting that Sylas isn’t stealing enemy ultimates and those champions he copies from will still readily have their own ult at their disposal as long as it is off of cooldown. Sylas himself also can’t endlessly copy the same enemy champ’s ult time and time again and once he uses Hijack on another champ, there will be a separate cooldown before he can copy from that champion again.

Riot released a new trailer showing off some of Sylas’ backstory and gameplay footage of him which you can find below. Per usual with the announcement of a new champion, Sylas will be available in the public testing environment soon and will likely be added to the full game two weeks from now with the next patch.

For more information on Sylas and to see more of his kit in action, you can head over to the League of Legends website.