kt Rolster and Edward Gaming Advance from Group C in League of Legends World Championship 2018

kt Rolster and Edward Gaming Advance from Group C in League of Legends World Championship 2018

The next two teams advancing in the League of Legends World Championship have been determined with North America's one seed again falling short on the biggest stage.

Group C has now officially wrapped up in the League of Legends World Championship 2018 and the team’s advancing to the Knockout Stage have now been set.

Following today’s games, the top seed from Korea, kt Rolster, ended with a 5-1 record and locked up the first place spot in the region. Edward Gaming, one of the three representatives from the LPL, found themselves finishing in second place with a final record of 4-2.

Unfortunately, this means that the top seed from North America, Team Liquid, have now found themselves eliminated from the tournament. Team Liquid was in line to potentially force a tiebreaker matchup with Edward Gaming later in the day assuming that EDG lost to both kt Rolster and Team Liquid, but this never came to fruition. Even though Liquid did end up beating EDG in their game, EDG has just prior defeated kt Rolster to give the tournament favorite its only loss of the tournament thus far and locking EDG into the Quarterfinals.

Team Liquid becomes yet another North American one seed to not advance to the Knockout Stage. It seems that coming out of this region in first place is more of a curse than a blessing at Worlds. As for the final seed in Group C, Mad Team, a first-year team from the LMS, ended without any wins in the group and finished at 0-6.

The Group Stage wraps up tomorrow with Group D as G-Rex and 100 Thieves look to surmount current deficits in their region to both Invictus Gaming and Fnatic. The latter two teams are heavy favorites to advance to the Knockout Stage but with Worlds, you never know what could happen.