Korea Struggles Through First Two Days of League of Legends World Championship 2018 Group Stage

China has found itself as this year's early powerhouse rather than that of Korea in the League of Legends World Championship.

on October 11, 2018 11:18 AM

The League of Legends World Championship 2018 Group Stage just wrapped up its second day which means every team has now had a chance to play. As the standings currently sit, China’s representing teams from the LPL currently sit at 4-0 with Korea’s representatives from the LCK finding themselves collectively in a hole early at 1-4 which is something I don’t think anyone predicted.

Today’s games saw quite a few fun matchups with Flash Wolves dominating Afreeca Freecs early in the day and Fnatic making quick work of 100 Thieves in each team’s first game of the tournament. Likely the best game of the day though was that of Team Vitality and Cloud9 which saw Cloud9 surmounting an early game deficit to come back and deliver North America its first victory of Worlds. The day wrapped up with RNG making a comeback of their own to defeat Gen G and drop last year’s world champs to 0-2.

After two days, here are the current standings in each group.

Group A

  1. Flash Wolves: 2-0
  2. Phong V ũ Buffalo: 1-1
  3. G2 Esports: 1-1
  4. Afreeca Freecs: 0-2

Group B

  1. RNG: 2-0
  2. Cloud9: 1-1
  3. Team Vitality: 1-1
  4. Gen G: 0-2

Group C

  1. KT Rolster: 1-0
  2. Edward Gaming: 1-0
  3. Team Liquid: 0-1
  4. MAD Team: 0-1

Group D

  1. Fnatic: 1-0

  2. Invictus Gaming: 1-0

  3.  100 Thieves: 0-1

  4. G-Rex: 0-1

Tomorrow’s games kick off once again at 4:00 AM EST and will feature action from groups B, C, and D. There’s still a lot of League of Legends left to play over the coming days and there’s a very good chance that these standings will look drastically different by the end of the Group Stage.

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