League of Legends’ Newest Champion is a Kitty Cat Named Yuumi

League of Legends’ Newest Champion is a Kitty Cat Named Yuumi

Yuumi is slated to arrive in League of Legends in mid-May.

After leaking outright earlier this week, Riot Games has today formally revealed the 144th champion for League of Legends and it’s a cat named Yuumi.

Yuumi: The Magical Cat will primarily be a new support champion in League of Legends. The colorful kitten rides upon the top of a book in-game and as its name suggests, possesses magical abilities. As for Yuumi’s lore, it is said that the cat is in search of its master, which it is traveling about looking for.


As for the abilities in Yuumi’s kit, they are all, as expected, AP based. Yuumi’s Q is a missile that deals damage the longer it travels and their W allows them to dash to allied champions. As for the E ability, it heals you and gives you additional movement speed while the cat’s ultimate uses the power of its book to blast enemies with waves of magic damage. You can read up more on the cat’s powers on the official League of Legends website.

You can check out Yuumi’s reveal trailer below to get a better idea of what to expect from the champ. Yuumi will be available for play in the PBR starting on April 30 with its release in the game proper slated for May 14.