League of War: VR Arena Celebrates PS VR Launch With New Trailer

League of War: VR Arena Celebrates PS VR Launch With New Trailer

MunkeyFun Games' League of War: VR Arena marches onto PlayStation 4 (via PlayStation VR) today, offering table-top action.

Not to be outdone by today’s earlier tank announcementLeague of War: VR Arena makes its PlayStation VR debut alongside a brand new launch trailer.

Featuring an interesting take on both the VR single player scene and traditional tank games, League of War: VR Arena is an action-laced tabletop experience that has the distinct look of real-time strategy games. Seen in the trailer below, players are placed in a semi-futuristic war scene where they control twelve units.

Thankfully, the game seems to be out of its original single-player only offering. In fact, the game hopes to add some asynchronous competition with one player using the PlayStation VR headset and the other using the TV. The VR player is able to more directly control the units, whereas TV players will automatically be able to automatically launch units with the DualShock 4. Of course, this mode is available with AI as well.

Notably, PlayStation VR has been getting some love lately from smaller outlets. Whether we are talking the recently revealed Out of Ammo or the kind-of bizarre wind simulation accessory ZephVR, 2018 is sure to be an interesting year for the PlayStation hardware.

As mentioned above, MunkeyFun’s League of War: VR Arena released today exclusively for PlayStation 4 via PlayStation VR. Check out the launch trailer below: