League Play Loadout: Weapons that Pro Players Use in League Play

League Play Loadout: Weapons that Pro Players Use in League Play

Now, it's time to jump into League Play like a professional Call of Duty player, but the first thing you're going to need is to have a professional loadout.

It’s only one day since the launch of the League Play mode for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, but due to the distinct nature of this new mode, casual players might find it hard to get used to it. The major difference is probably the fact that some overpowered weapons are not available in the new mode, which makes it crucial to have a useful League Play loadout for yourself. Here, we will go over some picks from two esports players: Scump from OpTic Chicago and Simp from Atlanta FaZe.

Simp’s KRIG 6:


The KRIG 6 loadout would be a nice choice for everyone who only hasn’t find his play-style yet or want to play with a powerful, accurate, and balance weapon to hold objectives and react in the proper time. Simp’s loadout for KRIG 6 features a Millistop Reflex as optic, 19.7′ Ranger barrel, Raider Stock, Field Agent Grip as under-barrel, and Airborne Elastic Wrap as grip. The gun has 30 rounds per mag and comes with 3 magazines at the beginning.

Simp’s MP5:


Featuring 9.5″ Extended barrel and Muzzle Brake 9, Simp’s MP5 loadout is a good choice for players who want a higher fire-rate and effective close-range damage. With one extra magazine compared to KRIG 6, it wouldn’t be a problem to MP5 if your aiming isn’t perfect.

Simp’s Tundra:


If you are interested in One Shot One Kill play-style, then Simp’s Tundra loadout will give you all you need to take down the opponents one after another. Using Stabilizer .308 muzzle and 28.2″ Tiger Team barrel, this gun is the perfect choice for the perfect aims.

Scump’s AK-47:

League Play Loadout - AK-47

Despite its low accuracy, AK-47 has always been a top choice for players who seek maximum damage. Hopefully, the gun has not been banned in the League Play mode, and if you’re going to pick it up, Scump’s loadout with Microflex LED optic, 20″ Liberator barrel, and Spetsnaz Speed Grip under-barrel will help your aggressive play-style the most.

Scump’s AK74u:

League Play Loadout - AK74u

If you need a new version of AK-47 with more accuracy, then you can count on AK74u with GRU Elastic Wrap handle, 9.3′ Extended barrel, and Spetsnaz Compensator muzzle. A great SMG with a lower fire-rate compared to MP5 will make recoil control much easier.

Scump’s XM4:

League Play Loadout - XM4

Scump’s XM4 has everything you want from an assault rifle. Great range, higher fire-rate, incredible accuracy, and extended magazine. Using a 13.7″ Ranger barrel, Infantry Compensator muzzle, Microflex LED optic, and Airborne Elastic Wrap handle, this XM4 loadout will turn you into a killing machine.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Battle dot net. The League Play mode officially launched yesterday on February 8.