League of War: VR Arena Gets Four Minutes of Gameplay on PS Underground

League of War: VR Arena gets more than four minutes of gameplay footage and commentary on PlayStation Underground's latest video.

on December 28, 2017 12:37 PM

Everyone is all smiles in the latest PS Underground video, showcasing tactical virtual board game League of War: VR Arena. The video, seen below, shows off the Campaign mode with one of the hosts donning the PlayStation VR headset, while the other narrates the gameplay via the TV mode. As par for the course, the four-minute and thirty-second trailer is action packed madness on the game board and gives a glimpse at what the full game has to offer.

Haven’t heard of League of War: VR Arena? The game is a real-time strategy board game for VR, developed by MunkyFun earlier this year. The studio’s principal foray into the console VR scene, players can choose a short selection of modes while controlling an army in battle. Battles play out in a rock-paper-scissor fashion, with some specific units being stronger and weaker to other respective units.

For those out of the loop, PlayStation Underground is PlayStation’s official Let’s Play brand, where they are often showcasing off gameplay of the latest games coming out.

DualShockers had a chance to review League of War: VR Arena earlier this year. The game is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4, via PlayStation VR. You can check out the gameplay video below:

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