Leaked Destiny Image Shows Plans for 2015 and Beyond

Leaked Destiny Image Shows Plans for 2015 and Beyond

A new image has surfaced today that shows what may very well be the plans for the Destiny franchise for 2015 and beyond.

The leaked image purports that a new DLC called The House of Wolves is set to release on March 10th, 2015 and that a Comet, a significantly sized expansion, called The Plague of Darkness will release in September 2015. Two additional pieces of DLC can also be seen, the first being rather illegible but appears to say Vex Void and a final piece of content that appears to be titled Forge of Gods.

The image’s origin seems to be linked to an Italian Destiny community Facebook page, which was then grabbed and analyzed by Reddit user Michele Carofiglio in October. The details from the community seem to indicate that House of Wolves will take players to locations on Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus and Reef. It will also reportedly have three story missions, one strike, one raid and add four PvP maps. Comet: Plague of Darkness will take players to locations Moon, Venus, Mars and Hive Ship. With significantly more content, it reportedly supposedly will boast 12 story missions, four strikes, one raid and six PvP maps. In addition, Plague of Darkness would include new subclasses and two new weapons types.

Vex Void seems to be much smaller in scale, only taking players to two locations in Venus and Mars. It reportedly will have three story missions, two strikes, one raid and an unknown amount of PvP maps. There currently are no details on what may or may not be included in the Forge of Gods DLC.

The image has only gained massive exposure now due to an extensive post on Reddit. You can check out the image for yourself at the bottom of the page.

Take all of these details with a grain of salt, as the October date of the image means that this content has likely seen major revisions in the past three months and in whatever time passed between the image being taken and posted on the internet. The content is assuredly subject to change and the release dates may have been changed to push the content back in their schedule. Either way it is still fun to speculate as we wait for the next big piece of Destiny DLC to arrive.

Destiny is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.